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Our AFS Refurbishing/rebuilding process is the heart of our business. Our constant goal is to produce Quality, Reliability, Accuracy, and Serviceability.

The value you receive is the measure of our success.

Every refurbished product goes through a detailed process.

  • Component is broken down into smallest possible pieces
  • All parts cleaned with Isopropyl alcohol
  • Parts dried in a HEPA filtered oven
  • Component reassembled with all new o-rings/seals
  • Warm up tested and calibrated (Primary Standard - NIST-traceable)
  • Vacuum Helium leak checked
  • Labeling/Packaging



tel: 510-573-0047 - - fax: NA
562 South Milpitas blvd Milpitas CA 95035

UFC 1100A Unit Celerity Mass Flow Controller



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